Friday, July 24, 2009

Contest on Hannah's Blog

Hannah Moskowitz, YAYA contributor and author extraordinaire, is holding a contest on her blog.

In a few hours, it will officially be 1 month until BREAK.

I can't believe this is happening.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I want to hear any funny injury stories you have. Bonus if it involves a broken bone, but it's fine if not--I've never broken any bones myself, so I'm sympathetic if you don't have a story to share...

Give me your stories, I'll choose my favorite and the winner gets to name a character in the next chapter of ATWF. Male or female, doesn't matter. I need some names!

Click here to enter! And don't forget to look for Break, from Simon Pulse, available on August 25th.


Sage said...

I entered

Anica Lewis said...

Yes! An opportunity for the humor in my one-and-only broken-bones story to be truly appreciated!

Did you ever read the Judy Blume book Superfudge? As a kid, I loved the character Fudge. They made a TV show based on that series, and there was an episode wherein Fudge jumped down a laundry chute during a game of hide-and-seek.

Boy, that looked easy.

I was eight at the time, and I had already once tried out the hiding-in-the-laundry-chute trick during a game of hide-and-seek. After seeing that episode of the show, though, I immediately decided I wanted to try climbing into our laundry chute again.

See, when you look down into the laundry chute, you just see a heap of clothes. I thought that the heap of clothes went all the way down to the basement. The truth is that it goes all the way down to a trap door, which opens eight feet above the concrete floor of the basement.

The really funny thing is that the trap door latch didn't break immediately. No, first I realized I was too far down to climb back up the laundry chute. I didn't want to call my parents for help, lest they scold, so I called my little brother, who was five or six at the time. He couldn't pull me out, and then the trap door opened.

I ended up with three broken bones in my right foot. They were the toe bones that are up in the ankle area - metatarsals? It hurt a lot, but not for that long - I think I went into shock pretty quickly. Anyway, they were badly rearranged, too, so the people at the hospital had to put them back in order.

My dad, in an effort to distract me from the procedure, asked me to tell him all about what was happening in the Boxcar Children book I was reading at the time. Luckily, I was waaay anesthetized by then, so I was feeling no pain, muddling through the plot of The Dog Show Mystery, barely noticing the horrified looks Dad kept shooting at my foot and the people manipulating it. (I didn't even learn until years later that I had blood all over my face this whole time - apparently I'd banged it on the way down the laundry chute, but between the broken bones and the going into shock, never noticed.)

Afterwards, everyone gave me presents and all the kids wanted to borrow my crutches. Overall, it's a surprisingly pleasant memory. :P