Saturday, July 12, 2008

BRALESS IN WONDERLAND by Debbie Reed Fischer

I have to be honest.
I LOVE books about modeling. Seriously. It started with this book called HIGH CHEEKBONES.

Never ended.

So when I heard about BRALESS IN WONDERLAND, I was psyched. And when I won it, I was REALLY thrilled.

BRALESS is like a particularly tasty episode of America’s Next Top Model. You know, one where Tyra rips out a potential model and is all like, “Do you really want this?”

And the girl says, “I don’t know.”

Allee is the girl. And she’s in modeling for one thing—money for Yale. Lip gloss and nail polish are so not her things.

But modeling is harder than Allee ever imagined. Between the other girls, go-sees, and her new it-girl status, can Allee hack it? And will the dangers of the modeling scene totally suck her in?

The answers will shock you, which is absolutely why I love this book. Allee is a fun, likable, and very interesting character--and never what the reader expects.


SuzanneYoung said...

Thanks, Mandy. This looks like a good way to get my modeling fix while America's Next Top Model is in the off season. lol.

Sara Hantz said...

I love the sound of this book... can't wait to read it. Fab title!

Sophie W. said...


I love those episodes where Tyra rips into a new model. I love it. I must read.

Sasha said...

So weird! I commented earlier but it's not here. Anyway, I said that I'm a non-girly girl like Allee, so I'll have to check out this book. It sounds great! :)

ליאן said...

who's book was high cheekbones?

and what's it about?