Sunday, April 27, 2008

How to Raise Your Parents: A Teen Girl's Survival Guide

I’m 23 years old, but that doesn’t mean that my parents don’t still need a little raising.

And wow. Do I wish this book had been written while I still could be claimed as a dependent on their tax forms.

Sarah O’Leary Burningham’s HOW TO RAISE YOUR PARENTS gives anyone—whether your parents are Hippies or Total Control Freaks—advice on how to live with those people that ultimately control your life.
Not sure what kind of parent you have? Not to worry—this book contains a quiz so you’ll know exactly what kind of authority figure you’re dealing with.

And it doesn’t stop there. HOW TO RAISE YOUR PARENTS gives fun and responsible advice to kids on everything from (gasp) skipping class to getting a bigger allowance. Want to get out of a punishment or slide out from under a rule in the making? Burningham’s got it covered. Do your parents think you need a job but you’re not into it (or vice versa)? All of the answers are in this book.
More importantly—want to chill with that cute guy who sits next to you in English class?

Yep, it’s ALL in there. With HOW TO RAISE YOUR PARENTS, you’ll be living a later-curfewed, freer life in no time. And you might actually find yourself understanding a parent’s point-of-view once in awhile! (I know, I know. It seems crazy.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

YA Changed My Life and Other Stories

This post is inspired by a post from the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog. Basically, they were discussing how reading romance novels had changed their views on how life should be.

Now, I definitely doubt that anyone here wants to repeat high school (ew yucky icky gross!) or deal with puberty again (ew yucky icky gross!!!) but I think that what YA forces us as readers and writers to deal with is that sudden change in a person's life when they realize that they have to grow up.

"Look at me! I'm an adult now! ...oh shit, this means I have to work."

You know?

I think reading YA changed my life because, first of all, my first fantasy YA book blew. my. mind. and I never fully recovered (5 fantasy WIPs can attest to this fact) and second of all, I think the religious readings of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret and all those other books that talked about puberty made me slightly less disturbed about maturing early.

Unfortunately, I also went on this depressing book kick around the time that I was in this delicate developmental age and I decided that life wasn't all that peachy. Reaching a 45 year-old's level of cynicism at age 12 is quite a feat, lemme tell you.

I swear I got better, though.

So what about you? Has YA literature changed your life? Does it impact the way you see things? Did it impact your expectations for later on in life?

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hello, again. It’s Suz. And guess what? My post will have absolutely nothing to do with any of these things:
1. Sex
2. Love
3. Romance
4. Edgy YA

But just mentioning them might have this pop up in a few searches. Haha Okay, seriously. Blogging/Vlogging-How important do you think it is for authors to maintain a blog? There are websites of course, which can be costly. But when you go to your favorite author's blog, what type of information or other fun stuff are you looking for?

Is a blog where you can learn more personal information about the author, or would you prefer to just read book related material? Please, those who have one, share.

Me? I like to read about:
1. Sex
2. Love
3. Romance
4. Edgy YA

HAHA. Love you!
-Suzanne Young