Sunday, September 27, 2009

Edgy YA again!!!

Okay, so next weekend I'm presenting at the KY librarian's conference, and my subject is getting kids to read with edgy YA. I'll be presenting with something similar in November at the SCBWI midsouth Schmooze in Louisville.

If anyone would like to be quoted in my presentation, please tell me either (or both)

your definition of edgy/edgy in YA, an example of YA you think is edgy, and or what you think is appealing about this type of literature to some (particularly reluctant) readers.

Thanks so much! I plan to post the presentation on my blog, as well.


jessjordan said...

To me, edgy YA is writing that pushes the boundaries of what is socially acceptable, or takes a taboo subject and tackles it head-on.

Ellen Hopkins' work is edgy with a capital E (e.g., Crank, Impulse, Identical, Tricks).

I'm sure some readers enjoy Ellen's work because they relate to what she's writing, but even for those who have never been there (such as myself), Ellen grants a harsh look into worlds we're all naturally curious about but are too afraid to touch up close.

Her work is especially attractive to reluctant readers, given her free verse form.

Kimberly Joy Peters said...

Oh, how I wish I'd read your post when I could have been of some help! (but alas, I was away celebrating my 40th birthday!)

I think edgy is anything that makes adults (teachers, librarians, parents) uncomfortable. It could include language, subject material etc. I also think it includes things that YA readers have questions about, but are reluctant to ask. To me, "Are you there God? it's Me, Margaret" was "edgy" because we didn't have the internet in the early 80's to find out about increasing your bust size, what periods felt like, etc. - but we all wanted to know!!!!

If you are still interested in this topic, see a blog post I did at - check out the comments and my follow-up reply to a librarian who wanted to know why she should put my "edgy" book in her library.

liznwyrk said...

Looking forward to seeing the presentation here. I'd say "edgy" is what people really want to read but are afraid to ask for.