Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Here is something floating around the internet that I thought would be fun. (Thanks Courtney)

How can you tell it's your book? Here's mine. :)

10 Signs you’re reading a SUZANNE YOUNG book:

10.) There is a cool parent
9.) The word “tool” is used at least once
8.) The MC is sassy
7.) Foul-mouthed funny is the only funny I do
6.) The book is mostly snappy dialogue
5.) At some point, the main character SNAPS!
4.) There are some serious trust issues
3.) The nice guys always wins
2.) The love interest is insanely hot and blond

But it’s romantic sex. :D

How can I tell it’s your book?


Andrew Carmichael said...

Awesome post, Suz! haha

For me...I honestly have no idea. I don't think there's anything I repeat enough for people to really

SuzanneYoung said...

Blood licking? Counter presses? hahahahahahha

hannah said...

ooh, I've GOT to try this:


10.) It's in first person present tense from the POV of an angsty teenage boy.
9.) Someone throws up. Probably more than one someone. Probably more than once.
8.) There's a brother/best friend who's the real focus of the book.
7.) You can't imagine any of the settings because there isn't enough description.
6.) A lot tends to take place during winter/summer/spring break, so I don't have to write the school scenes.
5.) The baby dies.
4.) Somehow, it is ALWAYS about God.
3.) The MC gets the girl about halfway through. Near the end, he loses her and doesn't care because his life is too messed up too worry about girls.
2.) ...girls? What girls?
1.) Fight Club references.

Andrew Carmichael said...

haha Suz, lol. That was only once, though...

okay, twice. fine. whatever.

Sophie W. said...

I must try this.


10. The first page has an air of resigned oh-here-we-go-again-ness about it.
9. Disaster is shrugged off because there's something BIGGER and SCARIER to deal with.
8. The MC finds a love interest, never quite makes it to BF/GF status, loses the love interest, and gets together with a different supporting character in the sequel.
7. The characters are fond of long, rambling rants that are cut short by snappy comebacks from another character.
6. It ends with a bang... or an explosion, I should say.
5. The main character is an only child, or their siblings are never developed.
4. There's always that one character who's not what they physically appear to be.
3. 75% of the novel's appeal is the dialogue.
2. There are talking animals and fairies and other fantasy cliches walking around like happy bunnies.
1. It's about politics, on some sublevel.

bethany said...

Ok (love this Suz) You know you're reading a Bethany Griffin story when

1. The boys are bad
2. The girls are good
3. The good girls aren't THAT good
4. There is mucho sexual tension
5. There's a high school and my characters go to it and take classes.
6. There's a mall and the characters go there at least once.
7. There are spongebob bandaids
8. The theme song is Something I Can Never Have by Nine Inch Nails
9. The theme song is Creep by Radiohead.
10. Characters struggle with identity and with how others percieve them.

Sophie W. said...

OMG Bethany! I totally have Spongebob bandaids (or at least a reference to them) in my third WIP. Just goes to show how cool we are.

Sage said...

Hmm... I could give it a try.


10) The MC's job sucks
9) The female MC complains... a lot and with attitude
8) The author spent very little time world-building and yet the world is too complicated to explain outside the novel
7) At least one character speaks differently from the average person
6) Belief/faith is important, but not usually in a higher being, even if the MC knows for a fact that higher beings exist
5) Description? What's that?
4) Important characters die
3) Someone close to one or more MC(s) appears to have betrayed them, but really hasn't.
2) Usually because someone else really has.
1) The most important relationship is not between the MC and their love interest, but between the MC and their sibling

Sage said...

"2. There are talking animals and fairies and other fantasy cliches walking around like happy bunnies."

OMG, Sophie, LMAO

Sophie W. said...

I love your #2, too, Sagers.

It basically completes my life.

Haphazard said...

I'll give it a try.


10) There are two female main characters and three male main characters
9) The main character is either innocent or a sociopath or both
8) The main character is either sick or going insane or both
7) There is at least one creepy child/teenager
6) There are very strong relationships between characters that are only implied to be romantic occasionally
5) Magic, but it's relatively low key and treated as normalcy
4) Somebody throws up. Usually the MC.
3) Bureaucracy is obstructive
2) The main plot occurs because the main character becomes entangled in things they don't understand
1) No sex. Sorry.

And I think that's about it.

bethany said...

Aw crap, I didn't number backwards. I feel like a moron!

Sage said...

"Aw crap, I didn't number backwards. I feel like a moron!"

But yours makes more sense that way. 'Cuz of the "bad boys" "good girls" "not that good" part. It wouldn't be as fun the other way.

Trish Doller said...

Because I have to be different. And because I love High Fidelity, I give the Top Five Ways You Can Tell You're Reading a Trish Novel:

5. MCs well-versed in snark.
4. Liberal use of italicized words.
3. Lots of musical references.
2. At least one character who loves punk and/or ska.
1. The male romantic interest? Always has dark hair.

Catherine said...

Trish! Hi, are we twins? I have an unhealthy love of South African ska and punk and bands get name checked.

Okay, here's mine.

Uh, stuff that lets youo know you're reading something by Cat Hellisen.

1. People die
1. If there aren't wolves, there will be fay
1. band references
1. If it's in the here and now then it's set either in Cape Town or Johannesburg
1. Recurring pub affectionately known as The 19th Nervous Breakdown at which my bar wenches tend to work
1. Goths are affectionately snarked.
1. The love is angsty
1. There will be boy-love of some kind, somewhere.
1. Oh yes, there will be boy-love.

there. this was fun. :D

SuzanneYoung said...

I guess I should have mentioned that it almost always takes place in Arizona or Oregon. But my latest book is set in Ohio. What? I know. But there's still sex :D

hannah said...

Mine are always in Washington I don't have to describe it!

I just assume everyone knows it. haha.

Catherine said...

Actually Sue and Hannah - this is exactly my problem - I DON'T know these cities, I've never been to America, so I have nothing to base the settings on.

A good setting to me is a character all on its own - a place of smells and sights and favourite places to go and good areas and shitty areas. I want the city to be as alive as the people. I want it to inform the choices they make. Even a fictional city can do that - Ankh-Morpork or New Crobuzon frex.

Is that weird - does no-one else have this?

bethany said...

Oh forgot shaggy hair, I think I must be allergic to clean cut guys.

Conner said...

Signs you're reading a Conner novel:

1. The ending is sad.
2. The ending involves tragic irony.
3. The main character has a very apparent dark side.
4. People die in painful ways.
5. One of the main character's friends is funny.
6. The love interest has dark hair (I just realized this).
7. I use at least one metaphor involving ice.
8. The main character is good at fighting without ever being trained (don't worry; I explain this).
9. At least one of the main characters dies.
10. Someone the main character trusts betrays them.

Jordan said...


10.) It's got a witty narrator
9.) Parents are either insensitive bastards, abusing bastards, or non-existent.
8.) Settings are described either in excruciating detail or not at all.
7.) Brothers are involved.
6.) Someone is told he's gonna die.
5.) The main character spends most of the novel in denial.
4.) The main character does not much of anything, or else tries very hard and does a lot of things so that he can go back to doing nothing.
3.) He's got bad self-esteem
2.) He's a boy.
1.) At some point, he goes to jail.

The number one symptom of a Jordan novel: incarceration.

althrasher said...

5 Signs of an Amanda novel:

5. No sex. Sorry, Suz.
4. There is a trio of MCs.
3. Description is non-existant on sight, detailed on sounds.
2. There is some refrence to God.

And the #1 constant of my books:
1. Someone (or several someones) in the novel have been abused/neglected/have an awful homelife.

This is good. I don't have TOO many things that I repeat. Fabulous game, Suz! Love everyone's lists.

AmandaKMorgan said...


5) A dramatic main character.
4) A shocking beginning that's been rewritten at least six hundred times, give or take.
3) Innuendo.
2) At least one musician will make an appearance.
1) Romantic subplot

And...yeah. That's all I can think of.

keri mikulski :) said...

What a fun post!!

Okay, here it goes.. You know you are reading a KM book when..

10.) There's a hottie
9.) The MC goes to a party with alcohol served in red plastic cups.
8.) A wrestler enters the story at some point.
7.) Sports are a big part of the MC's life.
6.) Derek Jeter
5.) The Jersey shore is mentioned or visited.
4.) Death, either past or present.
3.) MC's always notices hottie's eyes.
2.) One character has dimples.
1.) The word a** is mentioned in dialogue after words like dumb, suck, etc.. but usually only appears one to three times.

Thanks.. That was fun.
Keri :)