Saturday, January 19, 2008

Housekeeping Notes from the Blogmistress General

Hi everyone! Before the blog gets filled with an insane amount of new posts, I have a few things to take care of...

First of all, YAYA is not currently accepting applications to join. I'm sorry! There are way too many people already and my head cannot deal with much more organization. Maybe when things settle down on our end. :)

Second, if you're going to link YAYA to your blog, please, please, please, please email me at yappingaboutya (at) so I can reciprocate! If you've linked already and your link doesn't appear on the right side within the next couple of days, email me right away.

Third, some lovely person on livejournal has set up a syndicated feed for us. It's here and going up on the right side shortly. Thank you, anonymous benefactor!

Our lovely team of bloggers has a bunch of awesome stuff planned for the coming month, so don't go anywhere. Check the Future Attractions for more information. I promise to update it... soon.


Anonymous said...

*no-longer-anonymous benefactor salutes you* :P You're welcome.

bethany said...

Yay, Sophie, and non-anonymous benefactor. I will get right on the contest. Expect it Monday in honor of the three day weekend!!!

Vanessa Concannon said...

Good regulations Sophie :P